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What Should i Pay Attention To When Decorating The Kitchen?

Aug. 23, 2021

After we handed over the house, many owners couldn't sleep with excitement, thinking about finishing the decoration quickly so that they could live in the new house. As a result, many people will be busy decorating day and night, and finally completed under their own expectations. But after we moved into our new home, we found that there were a lot of problems in each area, which really affected our mood and increased the distress and burden of later life. Today, Copper Hot And Cold Basin Faucet Wholesale will sort out some details that need attention!

1. The faucet must be matched

When buying a faucet at home, you must pay attention to it to fit the basin. My family suffered from this loss in the past. After the faucet is installed, it can be used, but the water can't be put in the basin, and it is directly placed on the countertop. On the previous page, the faucet was bought out. It is not easy to change after it has been used. You can only buy it again with money, so when you buy it, you must check whether it is suitable. It is better to buy a matching package.

Copper Hot and Cold Basin Faucet

Copper Hot and Cold Basin Faucet

2. Don't choose a warm bath heater

Bathrooms need to be equipped with bath heaters, but for bath heaters, there are heaters and lights on the market. When choosing, you should be careful not to choose a light heater. This is very destructive to people. , Especially for the eyes, if there are children at home, it is easy to have problems.

3. Don't choose light colors for kitchen countertops

Don’t choose light-colored countertops in the kitchen, especially white countertops. Our countertops must be seasoned or put in a bowl after cooking. It is inevitable that the soup and seasoning will drip on the countertop. It is very easy. The color will seep into the countertop, and then cleaning can only clean the dirt on the surface, and the stain will not be cleaned off, which is very ugly.

4. The weak current box should be large

The weak current box is generally necessary regardless of whether your home is a rough house or refined decoration. If it is said that when decorating, it is recommended that you check the size of the weak current box. After all, there are a lot of things to put in it, if it is not enough If you put it, the door of the weak current box will not be closed in the later stage, and the messy wires will be exposed to the outside. It is very ugly and dangerous.

5. Don't make open shelves in the kitchen

The kitchen is a place where cooking fume is heavy, so don’t make the storage as open as possible, such as any shelf, let alone do it, otherwise there will be no half of the shelf and not only the oil smoke on the shelf, but also the shelf. The same thing is also all oil adsorption, which invisibly increases the cleaning burden.

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